Cython: A Guide of Python Programmers by Kurt W. Smith

By Kurt W. Smith

Build software program that mixes Python's expressivity with the functionality and keep watch over of C (and C++). It's attainable with Cython, the compiler and hybrid programming language utilized by foundational applications corresponding to NumPy, and favourite in initiatives together with Pandas, h5py, and scikits-learn. during this useful advisor, you'll easy methods to use Cython to enhance Python's performance—up to 3000x— and to wrap C and C++ libraries in Python with ease.

Author Kurt Smith takes you thru Cython's services, with pattern code and in-depth perform routines. If you're simply beginning with Cython, or are looking to cross deeper, you'll learn the way this language is an important a part of any performance-oriented Python programmer's arsenal.
• Use Cython's static typing to hurry up Python code
• achieve hands-on event utilizing Cython positive factors to spice up your numeric-heavy Python
• Create new varieties with Cython—and see how briskly object-oriented programming in Python can be
• successfully manage Cython code into separate modules and programs with out sacrificing performance
• Use Cython to provide Pythonic interfaces to C and C++ libraries
• Optimize code with Cython's runtime and compile-time profiling tools
• Use Cython's prange functionality to parallelize loops transparently with OpenMP

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In addition to being called, they can be assigned as a value to a list or dictionary, passed as an argument, returned as a value, and so on. The following code shows an example of using the lambda operator to assign an anonymous function to a variable: >>>bigger = lambda a, b : a > b >>>print bigger(1,2) False >>>print bigger(2,1) True Python Objects, Modules, Classes, and Functions Namespaces and Scoping Scoping in Python revolves around the concept of namespaces. There are four basic types of namespaces that you will be dealing with: the global, local, module, and class namespaces.

NOTE: The ASCII encoding allows only for characters up to 128. If your string includes characters that are above that range, you will need to translate those characters before encoding the string to ASCII. py", line 19, in ?

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