Spoils of War (Vampire: The Dark Ages) by Ari Marmell

By Ari Marmell

To the Victors pass the Spoils no matter if its a Holy struggle or conflict of succession, strife brings chance. The population of the darkish Medieval, mortal and supernatural, are not often happy with what they've got. name it what you're keen on a righteous reason or an historic grudge conflict is hell, however the rewards could be well worth the dangers. Do you could have the braveness, the intelligence and the ability to steer a military to victory? The Victor Writes heritage darkish a long time: Spoils of warfare is the sister identify to correct of Princes and comprises info on how one can elevate a military, assault and overtake a foes holdings, and beat an enemy via stealth, international relations and assassination. It includes info on either the old and supernatural purposes of struggle at the hours of darkness Medieval, and the way gamers can flip those guns to their characters virtue.

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