Demons of the Burning Night (Rolemaster Shadow World) by Matthew Power

By Matthew Power

Demons of the Burning evening comprises: * four Pages of colour Maps illustrating the area, the isle of Aranmor, and the Peninsula of Fulcrimia. * exact perspectives of town of Tarek Nev, fortresses, palaces and different websites of experience. * details at the Races and Creatures who make Aranmor this type of attention-grabbing event situation, together with the scrappy yet diminutive Garks and the flesh-eating moss little ones of the woods, the Locharrion. * Stats and heritage details on key figures like V'rama, the chief of the Demons, and the winged Arvi, man-eating reptiles who sail above the ruined urban.

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The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Sample Cyberware The following cyberware are just a few samples of the types of devices you can create with the above rules. More cyberware is available for purchase in Chapter 4: Equipment. Item Quality: Gutterware Availability: Can Be purchased any time. Functions: (2 points) Image magnification (+1 to Notice rolls involving sight), Nightvision optics (Gains lowlight vision monstrous ability) Defect Points: 3 (−3 penalty to cybertrauma rolls) Cost: 15,000 credits.

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