Demonstrative Sense: An Essay on the Semantics of Perceptual by Vojislar Bozickovic

By Vojislar Bozickovic

This paintings defends the view that demonstrative ideas are object-dependent through a brand new logico-semantical argument. It argues that arguments in favour of object-dependence supplied by means of Evans, McDowell and others won't do; that they're unjustifiably presupposed by way of their international thought of that means, while such an issue has to be supplied on self reliant grounds. The argument provided during this publication is autonomous during this recognize.

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5 above, in the case of demonstratives referring to currently perceived objects this amounts to the claim that if an object has been singled out by the given subject on the basis of his perception it is given to him under a particular mode of presentation. , that he knows presently, on the basis of his past perception, which object it is. • When the claim (B2) - which ex hypothesi involves that the subject remembers the object - is brought to bear on these issues, the claim that objects that are given to us are given to us in a particular way can be rephrased in the following way.

The preceding discussion of these matters, I believe, makes it clear that not only is my notion of sense compatible with the notion of determination of reference just sketched, but that this latter notion is also supplementary to my account from the point of view of the language as a means of social interaction, in spite of the fact that on my account the sense of a demonstrative does not determine its referent. , mode of presentation). , demonstration, has sense. That is, Kaplan has pointed out that the analogy between definite descriptions and demonstrations is close enough to provide a sense and reference (which Kaplan calls denotation) analysis of the 'meaning' of a demonstration on the model of the definite description which Kaplan sees as the paradigm of a meaningful expression for a Fregean (1989, IX).

2 As to the positive account of the constancy of sense in cases such as the one described by Frege, a plausible one was offered by Evans. , the way of thinking of an object, in cases like this is in fact a way of keeping track of an object. 3 There is an aspect of philosophy of language which seems to threaten to blur the distinction between the notion of sense and the notion of linguistic meaning of an indexical. In various recent discussions of the question as to how the reference is being determined or fixed in the process of linguistic communication often emphasizing its social aspect - linguistic meaning has been assigned a role commonly believed to belong to the notion of sense: the determination of reference (by specification).

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