Die Iambenkurzung by Drexler H

By Drexler H

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3 The bishop's mint at Durham, which had been closed during the recoinage, was reopened in 1253 and sanction was given for the cutting of the necessary dies. 4 The most interesting episode in the history of the coinage of Henry III has left no record in the Red Book. It is the king's attempt to establish in England a gold coinage on the model of the florin in Florence, issued in 1252, twenty-four years after the unsuccessful augustale of Frederick II, the first European gold coin since the Carolingian empire.

Sed nunquam est necessitas, nec apparet communis utilitas, faciendi mixtionem in moneta aurea, ubi habetur argentea; nee uidetur posse bona intencione fieri, neque unquam factum est in communitate prospere gubernata. CAPITULUM IV De forma uel figura monete Cum primum cepissent homines mercari siue comparare diuicias mediante moneta, nundum erat in ea aliqua impressio uel ymago, sed una porcio argenti uel eris dabatur pro potu uel cibo, que quidem porcio mensurabatur ad pondus. Et quoniam tediosum erat ita crebro ad trutinam recurrere, nec bene poterat pecunia mercaturis equiparari per pondus, cum hoc eciam ut in pluribus uenditor non poterat cognoscere metalli substanciam siue modum mixtionis, ideo per sapientes illius temporis prudenter prouisum est, quod porciones monete fierent de certa materia et determinati ponderis, quodque in eis imprimeretur figura que 8 THE MINT The reason is that all such mixture is naturally suspect because the proportion of pure gold in it cannot readily be determined.

Incipit Tractatus de origine et natura, iure et mutacionibus monetarum The translation into French adds to the table of contents : Thus, then, from the preface and chapters above-mentioned, there appears a part, but not as yet the whole, of the scandals, damages and dis1 THE MINT xx XXI 3 Of other Disadvantages to the Community as a whole Of Disadvantages to part of the Community XXII Whether the Community can make such Alterations XXIII An Argument that the Prince may alter the Coinage XXIV Reply to the previous Chapter and main Conclusion XXV XXVI That a Tyrant cannot be lasting That the taking of Profit from Alteration of the Coinage injures the whole Royal Succession 1 advantages which may arise, and are already beginning in the realm or country in which such abuses are allowed in the coinage, and in the noble metals of which it consists and ought to consist.

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