Digital Delirium by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker (eds). Kroker

By Arthur and Marilouise Kroker (eds). Kroker

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From the winner of the 2015 guy Booker foreign PrizeThe most recent novel from “the modern Hungarian grasp of the apocalypse” (Susan Sontag) Seiobo ― a jap goddess ― has a peach tree in her backyard that blossoms as soon as each 3 thousand years: its fruit brings immortality. In Seiobo There under, we see her returning many times to mortal geographical regions, trying to find a glimpse of perfection.

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You’re in big trouble, but luckily, you’re on the Internet. You could try to find a brain surgeon in your home town, but why risk this old-fashioned, limited, parochial solution? ” Sure enough, you get an Internet entrepreneur. You go to an IRC channel to have a chat with this guy. ” “Sure! I’ve memorized the Brain Surgery Frequently Asked Questions list. surgery. I’ve ftp’d and gophered hundreds of files about human brains. Plus, I have lifteen CD-ROMS about brain surgery. procedures hundreds of times in computer simulations.

The flash-bulb of cyber-novelty has begun to fade from the retina of the public eye. The bloom of apparently unlimited possibility has receded a bit. We’ve begun to get a grip on our dumbfounded wonder. This process may be disillusioning, but one needn’t feel cynical about it. It’s not a cause for despair. That’s the lovely thing about unlimited possibility and its down-and-dirty interaction with the human condition. There you are, you see - facing the marvellous unknown - all those possibilities.

You have a choice. You can either become an information processing machine, or you can become an orgasm. ZXXI - for all eternity. Digital Delirium 13 The future, my cultured friends, is the direct interaction between the nervous system and the information system. The formerly interior terrain of thought and memory will be exteriorized. It will begin at our fingertips. Our experiences - far from being disembodied - will be one of direct bodily reception. The spinal chord/brain as antenna. Don’t be left behind.

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