Digital Web 2.0 (Mage: The Ascension) by Roger Gaudreau, S. John Ross, Jen Clodius, Jaymi Wiley

By Roger Gaudreau, S. John Ross, Jen Clodius, Jaymi Wiley

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Where HIT Marks come in blazing, a Void might sidle up to ya in a low-cut red dress, blow smoke in your face and ask you to play "Misty" for her. A lot of "Bogies" (spinners who "dress up" in film noir drag) happen to be Voids in disguise, and they really get into their roles. If the Race wasn't so damned important, we'd probably get along great. It *is* that important, though. More to the point, there isn't much truce ground open between the Adepts and the Technocracy. Sure, a couple of us might share a virtual cigarette now and then, but they hate us and we hate them.

Though we have our different methods, at heart we *all* want to dictate the shape of the future. 'Nuff said. The Sons (or "*Children* of Ether," if you want to be PC) are the only other Tradition you'll see in the Web in force. Not surprising, given our shared roots. Y'see, many of 'em have this thing for electricity, and since the Web *is* mostly electricity, they love the place. They also dig the fact that in the Net, a Scientist can perform any experiment he can dream up. He might need an Adept to set up the sector for him, but we're generally cool with that.

Oh, yeah, the "Webber community" is a lot like the "Net community" back in RealSpace, but hey, there are more differences than anyone would like to admit. It's true that a meat-only hacker can log on to the Web's more esoteric sites and have a lot of fun, but to get the real pie you've got to take the dive and go "there" — straight down and into wonderland. Let's check the depth real quick, first. Wouldn't want to hit your head on the edge of the pool, wouldya? ) and ride with me down into the Information Sea.

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