Dive Into Python 3 (2nd Edition) by Mark Pilgrim

By Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Python three is a hands-on consultant to Python three and its adjustments from Python 2. As within the unique ebook, Dive Into Python, every one bankruptcy starts off with a true, whole code pattern, proceeds to select it aside and clarify the items, after which places all of it again jointly in a precis on the end.

This e-book includes:
* instance courses thoroughly rewritten to demonstrate robust new strategies now on hand in Python three: units, iterators, turbines, closures, comprehensions, and lots more and plenty more
* a close case learn of porting an enormous library from Python 2 to Python 3
* A accomplished appendix of all of the syntactic and semantic alterations in Python 3

This is the best source for you if you want to port functions to Python three, or if you happen to wish to leap into languages speedy and get going straight away.

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You’ll check two packages. 0), which contains the Python interpreter. 0). This is a graphical Python shell that you will use throughout this book. xliii ■ INSTALLING PYTHON After you’ve checked those two packages, click the Apply Changes button to continue. 0). xliv ■ INSTALLING PYTHON Click the Apply button to continue. The package manager will show you a progress meter while it downloads the necessary packages from Canonical’s Internet repository. xlv ■ INSTALLING PYTHON Once the packages are downloaded, the package manager will automatically begin installing them.

4. This call fails because you have a named argument followed by an unnamed (positional) argument, and that never works. Reading the argument list from left to right, once you have a single named argument, the rest of the arguments must also be named. 5. This call fails, too, for the same reason as the previous call. Is that surprising? After all, you passed 4000 for the argument named size, so that False value was meant for a_kilobyte_is_1024_bytes argument. But Python doesn’t work that way.

You can use this to include optional features in your program. For example, the chardet library in Chapter 16 provides character encoding auto-detection. Perhaps your program wants to use this library if it exists, but continue gracefully if the user hasn’t installed it. except block, as shown in Listing 1-13. Listing 1-13. Catching an Import Error try: import chardet except ImportError: chardet = None Later, you can check for the presence of the chardet module with a simple if statement (see Listing 1-14).

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