Metric Rigidity Theorems on Hermitian Locally Symmetric by Ngaiming Mok

By Ngaiming Mok

This monograph stories the matter of characterizing canonical metrics on Hermitian in the neighborhood symmetric manifolds X of non-compact/compact varieties when it comes to curvature stipulations. The proofs of those metric pressure theorems are utilized to the research of holomorphic mappings among manifolds X of an identical kind. in addition, a twin model of the generalized Frankel Conjecture on characterizing compact Kähler manifolds also are formulated.

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If A > 0, then (X,g) is non—compact and semisimple. In the latter two cases we say that (X,g) is an irreducible Riemannian symmetric manifold of compact type and non—compact type resp. In general when G is semisimple we say that (X,g) is of semisimple type. Let g be a semisimple Lie algebra, be a compact subalgebra and 0 be an involution on g such that is the fixed point set of 0. We call a semisimple orthogonal symmetric Lie algebra. As described above, given any simplyconnected Riemannian symmetric manifold (X,g) without flat factors there corresponds such a pair Conversely, given such a pair (g,r,0) one can reconstruct a simply-connected Riemannian symmetric manifold (X,g) by taking G to be a simply—connected Lie group with Lie algebra g, K c G to be a connected subgroup corresponding to the Lie subalgebra C g, and the Riemannian metric g to be induced by a right—invariant metric on G.

By the uniqueness of the decomposition of tangent vectors into components of types (1,0) and (0,1) it follows that along 'y. In other words, and and are both parallel along (1) Suppose (2) Since J,7 = — it follows that is parallel along (2) (1) Let be a tangent vector of type (1,0) at 'y(o) and write for its parallel transport along Let be the decomposition into + = = — components of types (1,0) and (0,1). By hypothesis (2) is and are parallel along Since also parallel. It follows that both vanishes identically on 7, so that the parallel = 0 we conclude that transport of proving (2) remains to of type (1,0) along (1).

Over x E isomorphic We are going to compute the curvature of (L$). Let x E X and be a system of local holomorphic coordinates at x. Let (va)i(a(r be special holomorphic fiber coordinates for V at x. Denote by the corresponding holomorphic basis of V over a neighborhood of x. ,Zn yr F(V) E ; (and where 0). For the Hermitian holomorphic line bundle (L,h) over P(V) we use the holomorphic fiber coordinate A = in a neighborhood of We assert PROPOSITION 1 In terms of the coordinates given above A is a special holomorphic fiber coordinates for L adapted to h at [p) and, denoting the curvature form of (V,h) by e, we have = -41 duU A diia + dz' A As a consequence (L$) is of seminegative curvature if and only if (V,h) is of seminegative curvature.

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