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It is not easy either to cultivate Vairagya or be steady in Abhyasa. Hard labour is necessary. To keep oneself balanced in the midst of the tumult of the world is not a simple task. The process of Pratyahara will reveal that life is a battle, a struggle for existence. The mind becomes steady by conservation of energy through these efforts at self-control. When the powers of the senses get attuned to the mind, so that they have no existence of their own apart from the mind which is their source, there is Pratyahara.

There are also persons who prefer to concentrate on certain Chakras (psychic centres) in the body, and this may be called a sort of internal Trataka. , are objects in the lower forms of EkatattvaAbhyasa. There are finer ones which will lead to meditation proper in a higher sense. These practices bring a temporary peace to the disturbed mind,expulsion and retention of breath, and attention on one thing to the exclusion of others. But Patanjali has certain other psychological exercises to assure peace to the mind.

The object is not-Self because it has no consciousness. That a being like man has consciousness is no argument against his being an object, for what is seen is the human form and not consciousness. The ‘objectivity’ in things is what makes them objects. It is not the objects that know the world; it is unbroken consciousness which knows it. It is not the world that feels a world, but the knowing subject. The consciousness becomes aware of the presence of an object by a mysterious activity that takes place psychologically.

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